Monday, May 12, 2008

squirrel invasion

Two squirrels decided to make a nest on top of our window sill near our gutter. Every morning they made noises, causing me to bark frantically because after all, I am a hunter. My owners blocked off the area, and relocated the nest so it is now on a tree, but they kept coming back. For the past several days, my owners have been spraying water to get rid of them. However, they did not seem to realize the nest was moved yet, and still hanging around the window area. So I have to use my eagle eyes at all time to look out of the window and bark, whine, and yalp at them randomly.

1 comment:

  1. interesting. i personally love chasing squirrels too. dottie is really fun except i don't see her that often anymore. but my favorite chasing thing is a feather, especially when there is something attached to it.

    -Raven the Cat