Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pets Hotel... Again?

My owners went on a vacation to Greece, Rome, and Turkey, and they put me at the Pets Hotel. When they came back, they picked me up from the Hotel and discovered I was unnaturally skinny. While they were on vacation, I didn't eat my normal large amounts of food, and lost weight. I felt sad that I didnt have people to play with even though I was in doggie playgroups. For a few days after I got home, I acted weird to my owners, avoiding them, but soon, after a lot of treats, I became back to normal and decided to post on my blog!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hoppy is okay

Hoppy went to the vet about her eye infection, and he said that

1. 1. Hoppy is not fat

2. 2. Hoppy’s eyes are okay, and they just need to heal

3. 3. It is common for dogs and rabbits to get along

Even though we Shibas hunt rabbits, lots of dogs and rabbits hang out together. The vet told my owners that that Hoppy’s double chin is natural. I hope that means I’m not fat either! When my owners brought Hoppy home, they let me play with her. I tried to eat her treats and her food, so my owners then brought Hoppy outside to her cage.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hoppy's Eye

My owners went out to visit Hoppy a couple days ago, and they found out she has an eye infection! I hope Hoppy is okay though, because her pupil doesn’t change when hoppy goes in the sun. My owners say that it’s because hoppy is old, and that they will take her to the vet. Boy, I hope Hoppy’s okay!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

shedding time

With the strange cool weather here in northern California (yes, it actually rained in June), I did not shed my winter fur until this week. My owners washed me so now I look like I am molting, with clumps of fur hanging off my behind. I also look fat as the undercoat is coming lose. However, I still act like a drama queen whenever my owners go near me with the brush. I yelped bloody murder so that they cannot properly brush me. I know I look ridiculous with all these clumps of fur on me, but I just don't like being brushed. How about you shibas out there?

Monday, June 1, 2009

first blueberry of the season

Ahh! The sweet taste of blueberries. Today my owner harvested the first batch of blueberries for the season, one for her, one for me, one for her, and one for me. Yummy. Too bad we did not get that many. I could have eaten a whole bowl.