Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hoppy is okay

Hoppy went to the vet about her eye infection, and he said that

1. 1. Hoppy is not fat

2. 2. Hoppy’s eyes are okay, and they just need to heal

3. 3. It is common for dogs and rabbits to get along

Even though we Shibas hunt rabbits, lots of dogs and rabbits hang out together. The vet told my owners that that Hoppy’s double chin is natural. I hope that means I’m not fat either! When my owners brought Hoppy home, they let me play with her. I tried to eat her treats and her food, so my owners then brought Hoppy outside to her cage.


  1. We're glad to know that Hoppy is okay!

  2. I have a 2 yr old rabbit and we are thinking about getting a shiba inu. Do you have any bonding tips? The breed is pretty, but I'm afraid for my rabbit if the dog were to turn on him. Any tips would be appreciated!! my e-mail is

  3. our shiba grew up with our rabbit, so they have known each others since Kura was 7 weeks old. Normally shibas hunt small animals, and our shiba has killed birds, rats, etc in the backyard. It may be risky. but if your shiba is a small pup like when Kura joined the family, then maybe. Still, we are always cautious and always make sure our shiba is not too rough with the rabbit when she plays with her.