Sunday, June 7, 2009

shedding time

With the strange cool weather here in northern California (yes, it actually rained in June), I did not shed my winter fur until this week. My owners washed me so now I look like I am molting, with clumps of fur hanging off my behind. I also look fat as the undercoat is coming lose. However, I still act like a drama queen whenever my owners go near me with the brush. I yelped bloody murder so that they cannot properly brush me. I know I look ridiculous with all these clumps of fur on me, but I just don't like being brushed. How about you shibas out there?


  1. Winnie doesn't like being brushed either, but I lure her to me and bribe her with treats. She tolerates it. About 10 good strokes with the brush, and then a treat. Another 10 strokes, and then a treat. I've been extending it out a bit more, too.

  2. OMdog, Kura. Not a big fan of being brushed out? I looooooove it! It's like being petted but I look so much better afterwards!

    Ehh.. being brushed is ok. I think it's pointless for me though, mommy tries brushing me out, but no fur comes out and I look the same afterwards. It's my big brother that sheds buckets, not me. I'm super clean and I like keeping my fur on me.

  3. Shedding season makes me growl at my mom and make horrible noises too. It's not so bad when she's using the little plastic brush that doesn't work, but the furminator puts me in a bad bad mood.

  4. My arms are streaked with bloody scratches, my nerves are on end, and I half expected my neighbors to pound on the door demanding to know who i was murdering in here! I don't know what to do. My shiba Miles has tolerated brushes in the fact I thought he liked them, but now that he is shedding enough fur to cover a puppy daily, he has decided that brushing is paramount to torture. He won't take the treats I offer; he turns into the tazmanian devil as soon at the brush touches him no matter how very lightly. I am tempted to take him to a groomer, but I have a feeling they would call me to pick him up as soon as he started screaming. Now he won't even come near me.

  5. Hey Kura,
    I totally agree with you, why do the grown ups have to brush us so much in Spring? I'm a Shiba Inu too, a cream one, and I'm sick of my Mummy and Daddy trying to make me look nice and pulling out my big clumps of hair. I'm a boy- I don't care how I look! My big sister Mia, a sesame Shiba Inu, loves to be brushed. She sat there last night as good as gold for Mummy so she would look pretty, what a creep! They tried to bribe me with chocolate drops, so I tolerated it for about 5 minutes. After that, I just started to howl and cry and squeal and get really grumpy- and they left me alone! Result!!(apart from this morning when I was rudely woke up to find my Mummy pulling out my big clumps of hair, as if I wouldn't notice!) Don't let them win Kura, you carry on being stubborn like only us Shibas know how!
    Lots of licks from Jasper, England.