Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Guinea Singing Dog

My owners recently saw a New Guinea Singing Dog at the San Diego Zoo. It was remarkably like a Shiba Inu. The NG Singing Dog had the same red coloring, slanted almond eyes, pointy ears, and fluffy tail just like shiba's. Unlike shibas that bark and sing, the NG singing dogs only "sing", with an unique howls that was eerily similar to shibas. Based on genetic testing by the researchers at the San Diego Zoo, the NG Singing Dog is the missing link between wolves and modern day dogs. I wonder if Shibas are kind of in that category too, which could explain our unique personality and our stubbornness (ie, untrainable to be off leash).
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  1. Wow, they DO look a lot like Shibas!

  2. either way don't be an eveoltionist! Christchanity is the way to go! :) †