Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shiba Cartoon

Check out Mika's blog, ( it is hilarious. I love this cartoon from his blog. It is sooo Shiba Inu.


  1. That is THE typical Shiba cartoon... I can't even count how many times my past Shibas performed that stunt on me...

  2. Greetings from Japan. I'm a proud owner of the original Mataghi's shibainu. She's black and tan, and she's bigger than usual. Mataghi is
    the traditional Japanese hunter in the north. There aren't so many anymore and my Sumire ( Sue-Me-Ray, means the flower of violet ) is from one of the Mataghi's. Her breed record goes back to the mid 19th
    century. Grew up in the mountain area where they have heavy snow in
    the winter. Thus SUmire as well as her folks and so on are bigger than
    the regular ones. It gets bigger if the region is colder.

    Oh gosh, she's stubborn but now turning three year old and became mellow. You can see her on
    Great to know about Kura.
    Kenn Sakurai, Chiba, JAPAN