Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tennis ball thrower

My owner got this and started launching a bunch of tennis balls at me. Since I am not a retriever, I went after the first ball, ran around the yard with it in my mouth, and had enough of it. I stopped chasing the balls. My owner was really disappointed and kept trying to bribe me with doggie cookies, but I stood my ground and refused to be trained. Finally my owner gave up, for now. But I know they are going to try again. Round 1, Kura 1, owners zero.


  1. CC does that too. Mainly it's accompanied with a blank stare that says plainly, "YOU threw it. YOU go get it. What am I? Your mother?"

  2. good job, Kura! you're shaping up to be a good owner-trainer. us cats are naturally born, with the ability to train our owners, but it's a great achievement for dogs. good job, Kura!