Monday, September 21, 2009

getting wet

I did not go into the pool all summer until yesterday when my owners launch a surprised attack and grabed me and put me in the pool. It is important for dogs to learn to swim just in case we fall into the pools by accident. Most common accident for dogs in the backyards is drowning because many dogs were not trained to find the exit for the pools to get out.
I hate getting my pretty fur and paws wet, so I made sure I swam directly to the steps as I was taught where I can get out. Once I got out, I automatically ran to away to a dirt pile and got as dirty as I could. My owners got their revange by catching me and giving me a bath. I have video of my swim that my owners will post soon once they upload it.

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  1. oh my goodness - I can't believe that your Shiba takes being wet so well! mine HATES it!! He is a year old now and today was the first day that he allowed me to towel him off without complaining (here in 'sunny' old England it's quite a challenge having a dog that hates water!!)
    I've just started my own Shiba blog about my little one, Ziggy. It's still in very early stages so not nearly as exciting as yours! if you fancy having a look at him (he's a cream one - well, he's still got red ears)