Monday, May 17, 2010

It is towards end of May, but this global warming/cooling stuff is confusing me. In northern California, it should be nice and warm by now, but we still got rain and chilly weather (well, for california). I cannot decide if I should finish shedding and grow my summer coat or not. So I am still sporting my shedding shiba look.


  1. You're looking a little shaggy Kura! :) Sami and Miko can't decide whether to shed or not either. I haven't managed to brush much out of Sami yet and she really hates when I brush her. I have gotten quite a bit out of Miko, and she will just lay there and let you brush her, but I can tell that she is no where close to being done yet.

  2. I'm with you doode! I'm in SF and one minute I start blowing coat and the next...not. Mom says I look ragged and unloved. Maybe she give me more treats this way?