Friday, July 9, 2010

what's worse than a shiba bringing you a dead gopher?

Hint: It is the size of a tennis ball.
Answer: A gopher head, with the body no where to be found.
Picture: No way. Owners are too grossed out to take picture.

Consequences: Lots of teeth brushing. No one comes near me. Wonder why.


  1. "Yeah so... I brought you a little something. I saw it and thought of you. Hope you like it!"

  2. Oh... :(

    Reminds me of my 'Princess'... when she was only a few months old, she brought to me her most wonderful & first kill - a feral kitten. She was so proud. The very next day - she brought me 3 of it's siblings. On the third day, she brought me the final kitten's head. And on the very last day, she brought back mama cat.... It was horrible, but it's so hard to get mad at them because they are so proud of their work!

  3. Eeew... baby kittens, kitten head and mama cat. Definitely the winner in the shiba hunting trophy competition.

  4. 1st day a squirrel...2nd day a baby possum...3rd day an armadillo...4th day mama possum's head (it took me several aromatic candles to get the stinky smell from the house)...and we're still counting, at least one trophy per wk...