Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am such a good shiba

My owner was eating and I jumped onto the chair next to him, curled up quietly beside him without even attempting to sniff or beg for food. I understand a lot of dogs would try to jump on the table or beg for food. Not me! I just wanted to be near people. What a great shiba I am, hee, hee.


  1. as quiet as we try to be, we're not allowed to sit anywhere and beg for food. you're a good shiba for being so polite!

    the inus,
    kuma & hiro

  2. Thanks, Kuram and Hiro,
    Although I don't beg for people food, I do steal (not too often) my buddy Hoppy's foods, especially her bunny pellets and apples.
    hee hee, Kura