Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shiba the Protector

As Nikki, the 3-pounder we just got, went outside to do her business, all these crows started decending around her. There must have been around 15 of them, cawing and circling above her. It was freaky as more and more landed on the tree near her. My owner locked me in the house so Nikki could focus on doing her business. Unfortunately I could not get to those vultures right away. The minute they let me out, I barked like crazy chased all those birds away. Nikki almost became crow food. Good thing I am around to protect her.


  1. Good job! kura-kun, You are a great hero~

  2. What a nice big sister you are.

  3. What a great big sis! Way to show the crows who's boss!