Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to be a Shiba

I'm currently teaching this little fluffball how to act like a shiba inu. This is for all you dogs out there who want to be like us majestic shibas.
Lesson #1: Be as lazy as possible. Always take up as much space as you can, preferably near your owners. When they get up, move over to their warm spot.
Lesson #2: Be a hunter! Always be on the lookout for birds, rats, or squirrels.
Lesson #3: Be very protective and loyal. Bark at anything that might threaten your owners (like cars passing by and squirrels.)

Nikki mastered the first lesson, but failed the next two. She loves sleeping, and falls asleep on our owners laps. But she's not so much a hunter. She likes to eat pebbles, twigs, and nibble on pine cones. She is the opposite of protective. When the dog next door barks, she runs away as fast as she can, and hides behind her owners.
As a teacher, I have a lot of work to do!

P.S. Do you like our new background?


  1. Well us shiba inus are just too majestic for others to understand, but I think Nikki might just get it!
    And yes a very classy background :)

  2. Love the new background. You are doing a great job with Nikki, kids nowaday think they don't need to work hard!!!!

  3. how cute! Kura, are you going to teach your little one the ancient ways of the shiba? (mind control, expert hunting, and zen napping?)

  4. Happy birthday Kura for Wednesday 2 days ago! I hope you had fun and presents! x