Sunday, August 3, 2008

immortalized with paw prints!

Puppy abuse! My owners were making a Mosaic of my and Hoppy's paw prints. I was alright as I watched them mix the cement and pour it into the mold. Then one of my owners escorted Hoppy over. They pressed her paws into the wet cement, took them out, and wiped her paws clean. Hoppy told me that it felt like quicksand. So she tried to struggle. But then to my horror my owner reached for me. I fought bravely, yelping, scratching, slobbering... Later, I gave up, and they pushed my paws in. A day later, (today) it dried, and i must say my paws look good. I am immortalized with paw prints! Mua ha ha ha ha! And so is Hoppy!

1 comment:

  1. i imnoratalized my own paw prints by sticking my paws in mud and running all over a sky blue car.

    -Raven the Cat