Friday, August 29, 2008

welting backyard

It has been so hot the last two days that the peach trees in our backyard are welting, with hundreds of yellow peaches dropped to the ground all shriveled. It is like a desert out there with drying leaves and grass. Yesterday the thermometer in my owners' car read 108 for outside temp and today high 104.
Well, I am not terribly fond of peaches anyway with the fuzzy skin. It is like licking a catepillar. Urg! The blueberries are all gone (sniff!), but the plants seems to be ok thanks to the weed covering that my owners put around the blueberry shurbs.

My owners said they had never experience such high temperature except when they were in the Grand Canyon when it was 125 degrees. Well, at least it is not humid, so in the shade it is ok, but in the sun, it sure is hot. I stopped my usual sunbathing and spent my days cooling off in the hardwood floor.

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  1. hi kura!
    sorry i haven't been posting lately.

    -Raven the Cat