Monday, September 8, 2008

favorite treats

My trainer at doggie boot camp was complaining to my owners that the normal doggie treats did not work for me. She could not figure out how to reward me as typical beef jerky stuff does not thrill me too much. She should have known that to get me to do anything, I take only fresh blueberries and rabbit pellets. My owners have been using the pellets from Hoppy's feeding bin (Hoppy is my rabbit buddy) to entice me to do various things like sit down the moment I run to them, leaving foods they dropped on the floor alone, etc. I wish they give me blueberries, but I am pretty satisfied with rabbiet pellets, for now :-)

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't your trainer understand you are a Shiba Inu and therefore love to make things difficult for people? LOL I love blueberries too, but have never tried pellets. Mom used to use cheese or peanut butter treats in class to get my attention - sometimes it worked and other times...oh well, what did I care? I still passed, hehe.