Wednesday, September 17, 2008

let the shedding season begins

The weather has gotten much cooler now. The temperature dropped from high of high 90's to high 70's in one week. This means my fur start to get kind of loose. Every time my shake myself, my summer fur starts flying all over the place. My owners are groaning about having to lug out the vaccume cleaner to clean after me.
We shibas are awlful cute, but we do have this fur problem twice a year because we got 2 layers of fur, and the undercoat sheds every start of summer and winter. Soon my fur will start clumping and these clumps will hang off my body where my owners will try to pull them off. My predecessor, Uni, used to lie there for half hour and just let my onwers pull all the clumpy fur off. But I am kind of stubborn and would not let them touch me. They sometimes use the furminator (see earlier post about it), but sometimes they give up and just let me walk around looking like a molting, mangy dog for a couple of weeks till I am done shedding.

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