Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey you dogs out there! Happy Halloween! Wait, did i say happy? Halloween is not happy. Why? As you guys know, It isn't nice that this evening, kids like to boldly arrive at other dog's territories begging for candy. Well i have some advise. There are the three steps toward no more kids coming. I use them every year.

1. When someone comes, bark. naturally.

2. if you are let out, steal *ahem* i mean borrow some candy. it makes them get scared and they go away. usually.

3. chocolate? dont eat it. trust me. (for more information, visit the post: poisonous food for dogs in cats from march)

i guarenteed that if you are ferocious enough, you will suceed.


  1. Thats not very nice all they want is candy! Besides they only come once a year!

  2. Hmmm... do you think it will work for cats?

    -Raven the Cat