Saturday, November 1, 2008

holloween candy rules

By this time you should have collected lots of candy. as I said, chocolate is bad, but there are much other candies that are great to eat. Let me give you a preview.

Chocolate-----------------a no-no!!! i told you.
Licorice-------------------big dogs like this.
Jelly Beans---------------yum!
mints--------------------okay... so-so...
candy corn---------------just like jelly beans!
Lollipops-----------------easy for owners to extract from mouth.
M&M -------------------you kidding!?!?
Hersheys----------------i warned you.
Cadbury-----------------ooooh la-la!
Gobstoppers-------------take long time to consume.
Hot Tamales--------------hot! hot! hot!
bubblegum--------------sticky. dont eat it.
Ring Pop-----------------easy for owners to extract from mouth.
Baby Bottle Pop----------for puppies.
Starburst----------------just like bubble gum.

of course, I don't eat candy myself because I vainly need to watch my waistline. But make sure that after this you sit very still so your owner can brush your teeth. Remember, don't eat chocolate. And if you find a candy that smells fishy... don't eat it. trust me.


  1. Is Japanese candy any good?

  2. funny, kura!
    i'll take your word for it.

    -Raven the Cat