Sunday, November 23, 2008


Check out my graduation picture from my intermediate training class. I aced the test. I was able to be off leash while my owners left. I did the "down" command which none of my previous 4 trainers were able to get me to do. I knew to "go to bed", "leave" the food on the floor while walking pass it, and of course, the "sit" and "come" commands. The only one I am still not sure of is the "return" command where I had to go to my owner, and turn around and sit next to my owner. Next month I will be in advanced camp, where I will be AKC certified (that's Amercian Kennel Club). My owners are not sure I can get that because Shiba Inus are nortorious for running loose when off leash if we get distracted by a bird or something because we are such natural hunters.


  1. Good job Kura! ohh also check out my blog somtime! i havent posted anything latly but i will! lol thanks!