Saturday, March 14, 2009

a big fat rat

Today I was helping one of my owners in the backyard -- actually he was working and I was just nosing around. Then I heard a noise among the stack of cement blocks. I frantically tried to push away the cement blocks so I can catch whatever was inside. My owner pushed me aside and lifted the blocks, and there was this big fat rat inside. I tried to pounce on it because we shiba inus are ferocious hunters. My owner grabed me and locked me inside the house. While he was there playing with that rat with a shovel, I was inside whining and scratching the door as all good hunters do. By the time he let me out to the backyard again, the rat was gone. Darn! I missed all the fun.


  1. hmm..... i wonder how it would have reacted to me...
    happy pi day, kura!

    -Raven the Cat
    "Quoth the Raven, NEVERMORE!!!!"

  2. We are currently staying at our mom and dad's friend's house while they are in New York, and their friends have a huge rat living in a cage. Unfortunately I can't reach. It is up on a table and I can just barely stand on my back legs to see it.