Saturday, March 7, 2009

iditarod starting

The Westminster Dog show is like the beauty contest for dogs, while the Iditarod is like the Olympics for dogs. Only the strongest and most determined dogs can win. Check out It is starting this afternoon and the race will be 1500 miles. Wow, I get tired walking to the library which is a 2 miles walk. These are some awesome dogs.


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  2. My Mom & Dad visited Alaska last summer and went to the Iditarod HeadQuarters. Mom thinks it is very cool, and was glad to hear just how well treated the dogs are. The raceis monitored, the dogs are looked over at checkpoints, and any signs of health problems or stress, the dog will be removed from the race. These dogs are SO excited to do what they do, they literally jump up and down, they can't wait to get started. I, on the other paw, am quite content to snuggle onto the couch.... - Sushi the Couch Potato

  3. I hear ya, Sushi! Even though I'm not allowed on the couch, I do like to snuggle up to my squeak toy and sleep.