Monday, August 3, 2009

First Time at Beach

This weekend, I went to the beach for the first time. When we got out of the car, I was afraid of the waves because they were loud and made my dainty little paws get wet. My owners cruelly forced me to get into the water, and I tried with all my might to get back to the car. I did enjoy sniffing at all the seaweed, and catching flies that hung around the seaweed. After about an hour of being cruelly forced to stand in the water, I made a little game of jumping over the waves and running around. After i finished hanging out at the beach, I spent the whole car ride home grooming my dainty little paws. My owners made a video of me at the beach. Check it out at


  1. I really like your video! (although it was making me dizzy at points with the angle changes...)

    I wonder what my shiba, Ayato would do at the beach, he hates water so I doubt he would even prance around like Kura did!

  2. brrrr.... water....
    oh yuck.

    -Raven the Cat