Thursday, August 6, 2009

Raccoon hunting

Last night I woke up everyone with my feroucious barks. I had cornered a raccoon in the yard, and was trying to get it while it hid high up on a planter. It was about twice as big as me, but, hey, I am a hunter. When it made its escape, I chased after it, with my owners screaming for me to get away from it. I wonder why. Did any of you shibas out there ever try to hunt for animals bigger than you? How did your owners prevent that? We also got Bobcats in the area, so now they are scared that I will be going after these bigger "preys". They rather I stay with birds and lizards....and those silly tennis balls.


  1. Hm... interesting. We live in a suburban area, that is probably closer to urban than rurual, so we don't get any critters. But my parents live in a more rurual area, and we sometimes visit them. If I let Loki off-leash, which I don't do, I'm sure that he would chase the deer he meets in my parents' backyard.

    I guess you don't have a fence? I'd think a fence would keep the critters out. Or am I just naive to think a fence would keep racoons and bobcats out?

  2. yes, my owners always try to get me to fetch.
    too below my dignity.
    sleeping is a good way to spend time.
    tennis balls...
    oh more yuck.

    -Raven the Cat