Saturday, October 10, 2009

bunny in the backyard

We have had hummingbirds, racoons, rats, lizards, and gophers in the backyard, but never have we thought there would be wild bunnies. No, not my buddy of 6 years Hoppy, who is living in this huge hutch. Today we saw a bunny freely hopping around the backyard. We noticed that it was hopping much faster and higher than Hoppy, who is a bit overweight and not as agile. I hope the bunny comes back so we can get a picture of it. I did not chase it or try to kill it like my owners were afraid I would do. I know bunnies are friends and I just sat there and left it alone :-)

1 comment:

  1. hmm.. i never knew there were bunnies in your backyard... i must pay a visit...
    no, i won't eat them.
    unless i'm hungry... *evil laugh*
    i'm just kidding Kura!

    -Raven the Cat