Friday, October 16, 2009

the "shiba lean"

Whenever I am scared or I want to cuddle, I sit up properly on the couch with someone, then I start leaning towards the person until my weight is completely on the person. My owners get a good laugh out of that because apparently my predecesor used to do that a lot, and my own shiba mom did that to my owners when they went to pick me up at my breeder. The other day during that big rain storm, the wind was so strong that the whole house was shaking, and I was doing some serious leaning. I did not want to show that I was scared, so I sat up properly, but I did some heavy duty leaning there.

1 comment:

  1. Before the fight between my sister and I, I didn't really do it, but now that I'm better, mommy has noticed that I do lean more into her when she is sitting next to me and scratching me. Her dad's dog leans a looot. Because they have wood floors, he would slide, so he would start out leaning while sitting and the next thing you new, he would be laying on the floor because he slid alll the way down.