Thursday, May 26, 2011

seizure update

Well, as expected, the vet could not figure out why I was having these episodes after a bunch of x-rays, blood test, fecal test (eeek) and lots of poking and prodding. I did learn that seizures do not always come with convulsions and lost of bladder control (another eeek). So it could still be seizure, but the vet could not tell. Let's hope I am over these catatonic screeching episodes. Thanks for commenting on what my owners should do to help.


  1. Hi Kura! Sorry to be late to the table with this but I'd like to share my experience with C.C. Lemon. Firstly, I'm sorry to hear about the seizures- C.C. Lemon (C.C. and I are longtime fans of your blog), who is a 14 year old shiba also recently had a seizure as well. While she didn't have a mild seizure like you did (seizures a lot of times leave no symptoms aside from an elevated protein in the blood if there was more than one or a grand mal) she did used to have the exact same symptoms as you described.
    Also another thing she tends to do as a warning sign before her seizures is a funny little pacing (like a march, but in place, which presents along with weird facial contortions). So if you begin to recognize these warning signs it helps to just sit down on the ground next to your pup (C.C. likes to crawl into my arms and be held or sit next to me outside) and just reiterate what an awesome and great dog they are. Aside from making sure they're comfortable and safe, there's not a lot you can do with a seizing dog aside from telling them how good they are and talking them through it in a calm and relaxed voice.
    Secondly just through personal experience with working with C.C. is it might be a good idea to circle the dates on which it happened- just as a time frame to be aware of. I suspect C.C.'s seizures stem from stress- when I moved this spring she had a seizure. But! here's the great news- that was the first seizure that she's had in about two years. So aside from making sure Kura has a really stress free environment and charting the time frame in which the seizures happened there's not a lot to do. I hope this is the only episode that Kura ever has!
    (Also, sorry about the massively long post, seizures as a topic tend to get me going -- I find them a fascinating and understudied field)

  2. Oh dear Kura please get better soon!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog today. Last year, our 2 year old (at the time) female Shiba had a crazy seizure that manifested with her head being straight up in the air as if in full howl. Turns out it was a horrible reaction to the Comfortis flea medication we were giving her. Immeadiatley stopped giving it to her and she has been fine since.

  4. I have a four year old shiba inu and love her.
    . I have watched her have a few seizures and it scares the hell out of me. She sometimes throws up and sometimes she does not. I have taken her to the vet but he found her to be in perfect health os I don't know what to think but talk to her and and make sure she does not hurt her self.