Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seizures for shibas? Please help!


This link describes the symptoms I have been having. Three times this past month I stopped in the middle of running, walking, or just getting up from lying down, and started screeching (not the normal shiba howls when greeting owners), like I was in extreme pain. I would get into a catatonic state physically, with head contorted in a weird way, legs straight up, screaming. After 1 or 2 minutes of unbearable screeching, I would get up, walk away as if nothing happened. No limping, or any residual symptoms. My owners rubbed me all over to make sure I did not pull a muscle or broke a bone, but absolutely no reaction. I would wag my tail all happy and run around like the episode was nothing.
Anyone heard of other shibas doing this?
Please ask around. Thank you!!


  1. Talk to Toby and Bel and Oskar's momma at this blog. Her shibas have had seizures before, but they didn't sound this scary (with the screeching and all). At any rate, I know she's got some resources to recommend.

    I would ring up your breeder, too. And of course, the vet.

    Sorry this happened... sounds scary!

  2. You might want to read this.