Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fatter than Garfield?

This cat weighs over 28 pounds, which is a lot for a cat. It does look fake, but the truth is that this cat is not a stuffed animal. My owners frequently show me this picture before they bring me somewhere to exercise. Once my owner was so frustrated with me because I refused to fetch the ball that she said: "Kura, why do we bother to exercise if you are already heading for the weight of a few tons!?!?!?" I guaranteed you that I am not nearly as fat as that cat nor am i heading for a few tons in weight, and I hope I will never be. If you saw my post "Here comes the Easter Bunny" this cat looks like a skinny, little kitty compared to the rabbit in that post.


  1. PS and Raven, u r 1000 times thinner than that, me... maybe a bit fatter than u...

  2. i'm amazed at that cat's eating skills. if only my owner would get me a bigger food bowl.........

    -Raven the Cat
    P.S. i'm already 12 pounds!