Thursday, July 3, 2008

pros and cons of Shiba Inus

My owners got this list of pros and cons for shiba inus. I think the pros are pretty accurate, but the cons are over-stated. So I am a tat strong-willed and a good escape artist. I am not that bad, am I? Cute little me?
++ Similar to Akitas, extremely loyal to the owners
++ small-to-medium in size, athletic, spitz-like, with prick ears, fox-like face, rabbit-like coat, and curly tail
++ Very energetic and fearless
++ Perky and happy
++ Active, not your typical lapdog, but can cuddle up with owners when feels like it
++ Agile, fast runner, sometimes seems to fly through the air
++ Loves to exercise and engage in physical activities
++ Good guard dog, alert and very protective of owners, especially protective of children
++ Never a dull moment for a Shiba owner

-- A bird dog, loves to chase small animals and birds
-- A jumper, can leap over tall fences or climb up structures
-- Need exercise daily
-- Can be destructive when bored or left alone too long
-- Can never be off-leash, oblivious to owner's calls
-- Escape artist
-- Strong-willed
-- Heavy shedding twice a year


  1. HEY! that is SO not fair!

    -Raven the cat

  2. I read that shiba inus were good off leash... And didn't shed much...anyway, they are still very cute and I would die to have one!!

  3. I am thinking of buying one. But still I have to decide if it fits my style of living. My biggest problem (that I have to solve) is travelling. To all the shiba owners please tell me your experience with travelling with your dog and how you have solved this problem. I am convinced that they are beautiful and clever dogs :)