Monday, July 14, 2008

Rabbit buddy

For the past week, my owners have been taking the rabbit, (Hoppy) into the house because it has been so hot! Well anyway, I have won the honor of being able to be with her without anything between us. We chatted For a while, sniffed each other, and Hoppy took a look around. Trust me: I was very excited but I managed to keep calm till Hoppy was gone. She is so cute and fuzzy! Being larger than her, I gave her FREE grooming, and she licked my paw. Rabbit saliva is good for your fur, you know. I am glad I have a such great rabbit buddy!


  1. i wish i had one to eat.... i mean meet!

    -Raven the cat

  2. Hello,

    Just wondering if you have any tips on introducing rabbits with shibas. It can't be easy, given that shibas are typically hunting dogs, so I'm just wondering what you have done in the past that allows them to be friends. Any advice would be appreciated!