Sunday, April 12, 2009


According to my online shiba buddies Winnie, Mika and Jen, shibas do get allergies from pollens such as oak and dandelion, and even cockroaches. Wow. My allergy is probably from the pine trees from our neighbors where whenever there is a gust of wind, there is this thick yellow cloud of pollens that lands on our deck. With such a wet winter here in northern California, we got a lot of stuffs blooming. Sometimes I sneeze 10 times in a row, and once in a while hit my nose on the floor. Ouch! My allergy seems to be getting better, but my owners will keep benedryl and eye drops in mind next time I get an allergy attack.


  1. Good luck with your allergies! I just had a bad sneeze attack yesterday and kept hitting my nose on mommy's leg. Luckily, today is kind of wet (the sky is misting...), so I didn't have to take any Benedryl today. I wish you light mist to help with your allergies! (Or somehow capture Daly City/SF fog at night and make it come to you during the day..) [Mommy suggested that, she's from NorCal and wishes the summers here in SoCal were as cool as NorCal] =P

  2. poor kura! i'm lucky i don't have allergies..

    -Raven the Cat