Saturday, April 25, 2009

lizard feast

Wow, it seems that my online shiba buddies Mika and Winnie also like lizards. Today I found a bunch of them, and caught another one, but my owner quickly made me drop it again (that dreaded command), and built a "lizard sanctuary" to block off an area of rocks and dirts where a bunch of lizards were hanging out so I cannot get to them. No worry, Mika and Winnie, next time I hit a stash of lizards, I will let you know and we can chow down together while no one is looking :-) Woof.


  1. Oh your owners are party poopers, just like mine. We need to find a hiding place that they don't know about so we can have our shiba lizard party.

  2. hmmm...what does lizard taste like?
    i've never caught a lizard before, but flies and ants aren't too bad. they're nice and crunchy, too....

    -Raven the Cat

  3. Happy mommy's day to your mom!