Thursday, April 2, 2009

dogs also have hay fever?

I have been sneezing a lot every morning when I wake up. It is allergy season here in northern california with everything blooming and tons of pollens. My owners are all having runny nose and sneezes. Now I get them too. I did not realize dogs are allergic to pollens too? Or is it just me?


  1. Its entirely possible, our female shiba has environmental allergies that give her a bit of a runny nose and eye boogs. It passes though.

  2. Yes, winnie was tested with the VARL Liquid gold test from our vet - she has a ton of allergies (from dandelion, cockroach, fleas to oak trees). I just try to avoid the oak trees when they drop acorns and use saline drops on her eyes.

  3. I have allergies to pollen, I think it's pollen. When the flowers are out and the sun is super happy and everyone says it's a great day, I get the sneezes and cough. Everyday the sun is shining and the pretty flowers are out, mommy has to give me a benedryl tablet before I go outside. Luckily, my allergies aren't too bad, so I can use the Benedryl, but I was prescribed a stronger anti-histamine before I used Benedryl. Mommy says she is very thankful I don't need the prescription strength one, it gets pricey after a few months. Yikes! I'm not willing to give up my treats yet!

    Daddy's family dog has allergies too. His is super mild, so he gets one tablet every week.