Thursday, June 19, 2008

Room Service, Please!

phew! what a vacation! For the past week, my owners had abandoned me to go on vacation. puppy abuse! but I thought we were going to a mean old kennel, but we went to my alternative favorite place on earth: the Pets Hotel. The hotel is kinda like your human hotels, but better. Both dogs and cats can get their own room, social playtime with other animals, walks, food prepared in an actual kitchen, real live TV, grooming, and more! I had a fabulous time with my new dog friends, got pampered by hotel employees, and got special wet food mixed with my normally dry pellets! What a treat. I was excited to see my owners when they came back, but I miss the hotel. Someday I will go back. I am now going to email my new doggie friends! Video tour:

1 comment:

  1. wow! sounds great!
    when my owners go on a vacation, they leave me at home with someone to take care of me. boo hoo!

    -Raven the Cat